New Year, Smart Resolutions

January is a time for resolutions. Too often these goals are grandiose and vague- “This is the year I will lose weight and get fit!”. These types of resolutions keep stuck in a cycle to of feeling bad when we cannot achieve what we did not properly define.
This year, set SMART goals instead:
Specific: Set a clear goal.
“This year I will lose 20 pounds,” or “This year I will run a marathon.”
Measurable: Track your progress with a variable you can measure, such as minutes. 
“I will measure my weight once a week,” or “I will measure how long I run every week.”
Attainable: Be honest with what you can achieve with the resources you have.
“Hmm. 20 pounds may be too much to lose given my schedule in the next few months. I will aim for 10,” or “I have never run before, so I should aim to run a 5K before a marathon.”
Relevant: Make sure the goal is truly important to you.
“My health care provider said my blood sugars will improve if I lose weight,” or “I want to run to enjoy nature while I improve my endurance.”
Time-limited: Set a defined time-frame to reach your goal.
“I will lose 10 pounds over six months,” or “I will run 1 extra minute each week to run a 5K on May 23”.
Set a smart goal and record your progress in a notebook or spreadsheet. Need inspiration? I can work with you to set your healthy lifestyle goals and help you find tools to track your progress!

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Give Thanks and Give
The crisp fall air fills us with warm thoughts of thanks for shelter, food, and family. Faced with an abundance of gifts in my own life, my thoughts turn to sharing those gifts with local families in need.

Please join me this holiday season for Get 2 the Core’s Gift That Keeps On Giving. I am raising money for Lake Care, a local organization dedicated to helping every family build a better future. Lake Care helps local families in crisis by helping with a range of needs such as school supplies, food, transportation, and they can assist in finding jobs and securing housing. From November 20-December 23, you can purchase raffle tickets for $5. With each ticket, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a gift basket worth over $300.The gift basket includes gifts from local businesses and includes:

From Tonya Harriman Fowler at Skin Experience
$50 Skin Experience giftcard
Half our massage with an Aromatouch technician
doTerra Essential Oil Trio

From Kim Kohler, Certified Yoga Instructor
Yoga instructional materials

From Get 2 the Core Fitness
Gym bag filled with fitness goodies
One  training session

You can purchase as many tickets as you like, and all money raised will be donated to Lake Care. Know someone who would like to donate but they do not train at Get 2 the Core Fitness? Tell them about Lake Care and they can purchase tickets as well- you do not need to train here to enter.

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of fitness and help those in need by participating in The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

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