Alisa Shepherd is a cancer survivor, a new grandmother, and in the past year of working with Sonia, Alisa has been meeting her goals of improving her health, losing weight, gaining strength and improving back and leg pain caused by spinal stenosis.

Declared free from cancer after chemotherapy and radiation, Alisa began exercising to gain back her strength. However, she quickly grew discouraged after injuries left her with worsening back and leg pain that was so severe she would often need to leave lines at the bank, post office, or grocery store due to pain from standing. She was told only surgery would help improve her pain.

However, in the last six months of working with Sonia and a new physician on a program that included strengthening her core and improving her fitness and nutrition, Alisa is able to go anywhere. In addition, she has improved her diet and has become more active.

Alisa notes that the keys to reaching her goals include:

  1. “TRACK, TRACK, TRACK!” In spite of obstacles in a busy life and weekends at her lake house with friends, Alisa diligently tracks her activity, food, and drink to keep herself accountable.
  2. “MOVE” Alisa forces herself to take breaks from her job at her desk for a quick activity or a healthy meal.
  3. “PATIENCE” Alisa notes that lifestyle change takes time. She finds Sonia’s encouragement helps her recognize that she continues to make progress, although at times that progress may seem slow.

Alisa feels better and appreciates all that she has learned about strength and nutrition since working with a personal trainer. Most recently she pays particular attention to how different foods impact how she feels, and she is learning to conquer a sugar addition she did not even know she had.

Congratulations to Alisa on her continued sweet success of reaching her health and fitness goals!