Sometimes my clients want to share their experience with others.  Here are some of their thoughts:

I started working out with Sonia a year ago to help achieve my goal of finishing a half marathon post Achilles injury. I have continued to train with Sonia weekly after my race for many reasons. Sonia is a knowledge professional who genuinely cares about her clients. Her spinning classes and personal training sessions have motivated me and held me accountable through weeks when I did not feel like doing anything. I also truly value her insight on diet and wellness. This information has helped not only myself, but my whole family.

From Ashli B. | Hartville, OH

Sonia has helped me in so many ways! I was exercising on my own, kept hurting myself, more down time, starting again, hurt again! Stuck in a cycle I couldn’t get out of, getting no where with my fitness goals! Stated with Sonia, told her my frustrations, she LISTENS to you and works on your goals, not hers! I can say I have been with her a couple of years, better than ever, feel great and look FORWARD to my time with her!! You can’t go wrong investing in your health with Sonia helping you along the way!!

From Chris P. | Mogadore, OH

I’ve been working out with Sonia for almost 3 years and I couldn’t be more pleased with her as my trainer and a friend.
My sessions are tailored to my fitness goals
and personal needs and she helps me stay motivated and challenged at every work out. Sonia is a great person and a great listener.

From Diana C. | Salem, OH

Sonia is an excellent trainer. She is very good at listening to what you would like to achieve and structuring your workout to your specific needs. Sonia also makes some suggestions that might be helpful to try with your workouts. If you run into a stumbling block, she will try to figure out what might be derailing you, such as diet, lack of nutrition, etc. Also, if you have preexisting injuries, or develop new ones, she will adjust your workouts to fit your new needs.

From Rebecca L. | Hartville, OH

Sonia is knowledgable, professional, and supportive in your individual fitness goals. Her gym is pristinely clean and well-eqiupped. I have worked with Sonia for over a year now, and she is always creating new and challenging exercises. Perhaps, most importantly, she is constantly assessing and re-assessing my individual fitness needs and progress. She does all of this with sincere encouragement and endless optimism. I have recommended Sonia to family and friends who share my enthusiasm and have had progress in their own fitness goals. In an era of home fitness videos and supplement-laden fad diets, Sonia stands out for providing individualized, safe, and professional personal training to achieve and maintain overall health.

From Christopher S. | Clinton, OH

Wow I don’t even know where to start. I came to Sonia because I liked the concept of a personal trainer. One on one work outs. It was the best descion I ever made. I was out of shape eating poorly and have two very young kids which I wanted to be better for. Sonia has helped me in so many ways she has taught me so much about exercise, eating and drinking water. Honestly I look forward to each time I go there and would consider her a friend that really cares about me and my family.

From Kate W. | Uniontown, OH

I am a married, empty nester, who has recently become a grandma. I am also a cancer survivor.

I had a goal this year of improving my health, losing weight, gaining strength and improving my back and leg pain caused by spinal stenosis.

I am happy to say that Sonia at Get2The Core Fitness, is helping meet all of these goals. I started my journey with Get 2 The Core Fitness in February of this year. While I realize this is a journey that takes time and patience, I have already learned so much that is helping me to be successful.

I would have to say that the three key things that are helping me achieve my goals are; 1) TRACK, TRACK, TRACK! I track my activity and especially track what I am eating and drinking. This has helped me to stay accountable and I have found that to be key for me. 2) MOVE! I have a pretty demanding desk job. I work out of my home and it is very easy for me to get caught up in a work project and just keep working at my desk for long hours. I have learned to actually take breaks and use those breaks for activity and a healthy meal. 3) PATIENCE.   I have learned that this is a lifestyle change and it is going to take time. I have at times been impatient when I feel that progress is slow. However, Sonia is always there with encouraging words helping me to see that I am making progress, which helps me to keep going.

I am learning that there are obstacles almost daily that can derail my goals.   Social gatherings are particularly difficult for me.   We spend most weekends at our lake house for about 6 months out of the year.   Many times we have friends or family spending the weekend with us and there is always lots of food and snacks involved. It is also hard to track my food when we are boating on the lake all day with other people. Finding time to exercise can also be difficult when we are hosting people for the weekend.   Sonia has helped me with these situations by giving me pointers on what to eat while snacking and ideas on dishes to prepare for social and family gatherings. She has also helped me find ways to fit exercise into my day. Now when we are boating I make sure that I spend time in the water swimming and doing water exercises.

Having a personal trainer has made a huge difference for me. I spent a year battling cancer, which included surgeries and chemotherapy. When I was finally declared cancer free, I was very weak and debilitated. Of course the first thing I did was try to exercise to improve my strength. However, not knowing what I was doing, I suffered injury after injury and eventually quit exercising and I never really regained my strength. Then the back and leg pain started and I was told my only option was surgery. However, with the help of a different doctor and especially Sonia, helping me to strengthened my core, I am thrilled that my back and leg pain are so much better. Before I started at Get 2 The Core Fitness, I could not stand for more than a few minutes, sometimes having to leave the line at the bank, post office or even the grocery store because I could not stand in line long enough to be served. Now, I can go to these places and not worry if there is a line to wait in.

I really had very little knowledge of what a personal trainer did. I met Sonia through a friend who is a client of hers. I very quickly realized the benefit of what she did and became a client right away. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the 6 months I have been working with her I feel so much better. I have more strength and energy and have learned a lot about nutrition and how what we eat makes such a difference in how we feel.   I am learning to really pay attention to how certain foods make me feel and am learning to conquer a sugar addiction that I didn’t even realize I had!

I am so thankful that I became a client of Get 2 the Core Fitness. It has certainly enhanced my life and for that I am so grateful!

From Alisa S.

As a former YMCA fitness instructor, my home workouts were becoming very stale, with little results. I began training with Sonia in April 2014 at the suggestion of my daughter, who had been training with her for about a year. Sonia and her workouts were the “shot in the arm” I needed. She not only knows fitness and weights, she also knows healthy eating and nutrition! The things I have learned about healthy eating and how sugar effects the body! Wow! AND to see my body changing, even at age 59 keeps me excited about my weekly training sessions. Before starting with Sonia, my glucose level was about 105. This past fall, it was 95! No sugar and more exercise, what a difference! I never really had blood pressure issues, but a week ago at the dentist my blood pressure was 120 over 62. And I was nervous because like most of us, I hate the dentist. In these days of uncertain healthcare coverage, we’d better all do what we can to educate and take care of ourselves! Sonia will certainly get you started in the right direction!! I highly recommend her for health and fitness!

From Sherry F. | Louisville, OH

I have worked with Sonia for 8 months. I decided to call her after trying to ‘figure it out’ from videos, local gyms etc. I am very intimidated by exercise in general. Sonia instantly makes you feel comfortable with her encouraging style. She challenges and personalizes your workout with her education and natural people skills. I feel strong, great in my clothes and excited for more time and challenges from Sonia. I have had foot problems for years and was told I had stretched a tendon out in my foot and there was absolutely no way to fix it and I would have to wear a brace forever. Since working with Sonia I have strengthened the muscles in my foot to help the tendon. I no longer have the aching foot pain I did before and I no longer need to wear the brace.

From Beth B. | Uniontown, OH

I’ve been training with Sonia for a couple of years. She is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me improve my overall strength and flexibility. I’m a runner, and she has done specific testing to identify areas of weakness, and has worked with me to strengthen those areas specifically. She is also patient, energetic, and fun, and we always share a few laughs during my sessions!

From Kim S. | Mogadore, OH

Sonia is an amazing trainer. She is able to maintain the appropriate balance of support and challenges that keep me feeling motivated to do more. I am so thankful to have someone like Sonia around to keep me on track.

From Chellsea M. | Canton, OH

Sonia is the most amazing personal trainer I’ve worked with. After two cancer surgeries, I never thought I would physically recover in the short amount of time that I did. She gets personally involved with you as an individual. There is “no cookie cutter” training; there is only your “personal” training program. Sonia has been very sympathetic and understanding with my needs. She understands what the doctor(s) have asked of her to help in my recovery. She has surrounded herself with other capable experts, such as, nutrition. I am back riding my road bike and getting “fit to the core” everyday thanks to her expert and professional assistance. I would recommend her to anyone, but get ready to “work”

From Don E. | Canton, OH

I have been working with Sonia for several years. I would highly recommend her. She is excellent at what she does, especially with creating individualized plans that meet her clients’ needs based on where they are at. It is a privilege to know her on both a professional and personal level.

From Mary L. | North Canton, OH

Sonia has helped strengthen my 14 year old daughters knees for track! Sonia made the exercises fun for her and followed up with her to make sure she was doing them. My daughter really likes Sonia and now can run without complaining her knees hurt afterwards! Thanks Sonia!

From Debbie B. | North Canton, OH

I have been with Sonia for a little over two years now, and I would not give up training with her for ANYTHING! It is one of the best decisions I have made for myself. Sonia is very encouraging and helpful. She challenges me to push myself beyond what I thought I could ever do. She sets goals for me and gives me the tools I need to achieve them. I had trouble running a block when I started training with Sonia, but I completed my first 5K last summer and now I’m addicted! Sonia has extensive knowledge in all areas of fitness: strength training, flexibility, cardio, and nutrition. Each week she has a new workout designed for me. Sonia is a great trainer and a great person!!! Thank you for all you do!

From Rene E. | Boliver, OH

I have been working with Sonia for 3 years and she has helped me with my core strength as well as flexibility and overall endurance. The hour absolutely flies by and the workouts are always varied. I am constantly challenged with a custom workout designed to give me a balanced fitness regimen. I look forward to our time together because it is the time that I dedicate just to myself. Sonia not only is a wonderful trainer she has become a special friend in my life and she is someone who I always know will be in my corner!

From Heather M. | North Canton, OH

I have been training with Sonia for three years now. I used to just run and train for marathons while ignoring the other components of fitness; strength and flexibility. Sonia has helped me to strengthen my core and my flexibility issues are better. Sonia pushes me hard and continually encourages me to continue on my path to good health and fitness. She keeps me in check with my diet and fitness routines. I always know I will have a challenging and good workout each week when I meet with her. She is the best!

From Carol C. | Hartville, OH

Little did I know I would find such an exceptional individual and professional, as I have found in Sonia Maranville.  She not only has taken my workout program to the next level, but has brought my health, nutrition, and fitness to a level of awareness I could not have achieved on my own.

Working with Sonia has been an educational experience that will forever change my thinking and lifestyle around being healthy and fit.  Sonia’s workout programs offered me the challenge I needed to achieve my fitness goals and her encouragement and motivation has kept me focused.

Sonia will be the most devoted and committed trainer you will ever train with.

From V.O. | North Canton, OH