Carol Cain is a wife, mom, nurse, and the lead vocalist for a classic rock band, Instant Replay. She has been married 28 years, and has three children in college. Her accomplishments are many, and include completing five marathons, two half-marathons, and three triathlons. Of all of these, she notes her greatest accomplishment has been to set a good example of fitness for her children as they grew up. In doing this, fitness is part of Carol’s lifestyle.
She began exercising after the birth of her second son, but realized that after her third child, a girl, she needed to set a good example of staying active so that her daughter did not hear the word “diet” as something she needed to do. Carol began running because it was inexpensive and could be done anywhere. After her fifth marathon, she realized that she needed to do more than just run to stay fit and injury-free, and she began to focus on strengthening her core with Sonia. That was over eight years ago.
Sonia helps Carol focus on strengthening all of her muscle groups, provides information for making good food choices, and motivates Carol to continue her workouts throughout the week on her own.
Carol notes that the key to achieving her fitness goals is “perseverance”, and to “keep going despite how hard it seems”. She prioritizes and schedule workouts into her daily routine. Carol also notes the importance of patience, that “everything takes time to develop and change”.
Carol offers the following advice to others with similar goals of improving their fitness: “Every journey up a mountain runs into rainy days or even landslides. But one keeps climbing by alternate routes to the summit”.
Congratulations to Carol on her continued accomplishments. Be sure to check out her band, Instant Replay!