Donna is 60 years old and enjoying life after she adopted a lifestyle of fitness, nutrition, and healthy living.  After a life-long struggle with her weight and health, Donna underwent gastric-bypass surgery and lost 105 pounds. She went from a “tight” size 20 to a size eight or ten.. She is off most of her medication, no longer has sleep apnea, and has more energy. Most importantly, she feels fantastic.

The surgery itself was just one part of Donna’s 2.5-year journey to health, and was not a “quick fix”. She had tried to lose weight through diet and exercise but was unable to lose additional weight. She discussed her medical problems with her endocrinologist who told Donna that she had done all she could on her own to improve her health.

Donna was advised to start a weight-training program before the surgery. Donna’s sister introduced her to Sonia, and Donna began to train at Get 2 the Core Fitness. Working with Sonia not only helped Donna lose weight quickly after surgery, Sonia now helps her maintain her healthy weight. Donna notes, “Sonia knows my injured body parts and how to get the best results without additional injury. She’s helped with my change of diet and understands how the body reacts to different foods.” Donna is slightly disappointed, however, that Sonia has not been able to eliminate her love of animal crackers.

To achieve her goals, Donna gave up caffeine, sugar, and her favorite alcoholic drinks- all things she associated with spending time with her friends. Additionally, Donna notes that “not everyone shares your joys at the same time,” and she almost lost a friend upon accomplishing her goal.

One additional obstacle for Donna was stress and emotional eating. With many changes occurring at her work as she nears retirement, there are still rough days when Donna struggles with wanting to “graze”. On these days, she tries to make sure she has healthy snacks available, but she finds that the animal crackers can sneak onto her desk.

Donna notes three keys that helped her achieve her goal were prayer, her supportive family, and a desire to prepare for retirement being the “healthiest and happiest” she could be.

Donna’s favorite color is yellow, which is “bright and warm” like the sun and the warmth and inspiration her story offers others.