Judy Moore is mother to three children and a volunteer at Akron Children’s Hospital for over twenty years. She has been a client at Get 2 The Core Fitness for the past 2 ½ years where she has worked to achieve improved balance, strength, and stamina.
Judy notes that she was in a wheelchair for a while, but was determined to get stronger. She began working with Sonia and walking around the building in which she lives. At first, it was difficult and she required significant assistance, but now she is able to walk around her building six times in one hour. One year after working with Sonia, Judy participated in and finished the Labor For Love 1 mile walk. She also credits Sonia with helping her increase her strength, for she has improved from lifting only two-pound weights to five-pound weights. She also has better balance, can walk up steps, and is more confident in walking in general.
For others hoping to achieve their health goals Judy recommends setting aside time to exercise and walking 2-3 times a week. Although it can be hard, “exercising makes you feel good and makes you more confident”.  
Judy’s achievements are an example of how many small steps can transform your health and happiness.