Molly Merryman, the Mount Fitness Challenge winner, balances a busy career and family life as she crushes her fitness goals: losing weight, being more physically fit, and, most importantly, being active and “having energy now and into my retirement”. 

As the director of the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at Kent State University and documentary filmmaker, Molly sits for long hours at a computer and travels frequently. She also cares for her family, ten acre farm, and rescue animals, all of which requires balance and energy. Molly notes, “I am in my mid-50’s, and wasn’t working out as hard as I once did out of fear of injuring myself. As a consequence, I gained weight and lost strength.” She began working out at Get 2 the Core Fitness approximately one year ago, and there has found inspiration through Sonia’s expertise, motivation, and support.

In addition to an exercise program tailored to her specific needs, Molly began a vegan version of a keto diet approximately three months ago and has been losing an average of 1.2 pounds per week. However, she reminds herself that it is not just about the numbers- she feels more physically fit which in turn gives her more energy to remain active. 

Molly notes that one of her greatest challenges has been to find time to work out six days a week while working 50 hours a week. To overcome this, she realized that exercise time is “me” time, and therefore becomes a priority. She specifically blocks out a one-hour block five days a week, and one 2.5-hour block with Sonia. Throughout the day she adds brief walks when she has a break. She notes, “The Mt. Fitness challenge showed me how much those 5 and 10 minute walks can add up in one day!”

Molly notes that having a personal trainer has helped her achieve her fitness goals with education, expertise, and motivation. She notes that Sonia helped teach her how to work out for her “middle-aged body” rather than the way she worked out in her twenties. Molly appreciates Sonia’s weekly assessment and feedback on her progress and notes, “on those days when I’ve had a twelve-hour workday, I will still work out when I get home, because I know [Sonia] will check in with me and hold me accountable.”

Congratulations to Molly for her incredible climb up Mt. Fitness and for her success in reaching her fitness goals!