Help what really hurts.


Although I haven’t found Pep in my pantry in a few days, he is irritable and continues to struggle with craving sweets.

I talked to Pep about what is really bothering him. “Santa was so impressed with how I helped him last year, he promoted me to his personal assistant. I am honored, but it is really a lot of work.”

“It sounds like you have a lot of stress right now,” I said.

“I don’y think elves get stressed,” Pep replied.

“You have a lot of responsibility, and that can cause anyone to occasionally feel overwhelmed and tired,” I said. “Stress releases hormones that make your sweet cravings worse and make you feel irritable and tired. We can’t always get rid of our responsibilities, but we can better manage our stress! Stress can take a physical toll on our bodies. I have an idea to help!”

And with that Pep and I were off to Sunrise Massage for a massage with Tina Read, LMT. She worked magic to relieve tension in Pep’s neck and shoulders. He left feeling refreshed and in better spirits!