Forget jars of gravy- you can make gravy from the drippings of your turkey. You can also use this recipe to make gravy from any other meat that you make!


1/4 cup turkey drippings ( fat and juices from roasted turkey)
1/4 cup flour, cornstarch, or tapioca flour
2 cups water, chicken broth or turkey drippings (if you have more)
Salt and pepper to taste


If you do not want chunks in your gravy, strain the drippings through a sieve. If you do not have quite enough drippings for the desired amount of gravy, add chicken broth or water. In a separate bowl, whisk a little water into your flour, cornstarch, or tapioca flour until it is smooth. Bring the drippings to a boil over medium heat and slowly add the flour and water mixture, whisking until thick.

Try this with chicken, beef, or lamb as well!