Kettle bells ring, are ‘ya listening?











“Kettlebells swing, are ya’ listening? 
In the gym, sweat is glistening. 
A beautiful sight, I’ll get fit tonight, 
Workin’ out at Get 2 the Core!”

“Very nice, Pep! Now actually swing that weight instead of just singing about it!”

Hold a kettlebell or other weight firmly with both hands. Squat with your feet a little more than hip width apart and bend your knees (do not extend knees over feet). Keeping your belly button pulled in, swing the weight down between your legs. Using your hips and quads to provide force, thrust your hips and pelvis up and forward to raise yourself swing the weight up to just about shoulder height as you stand up. Repeat 10 times.

Find my video tutorial for another kettlebell exercise here at the Get 2 the Core Fitness Blog