Staying hydrated can make you feel Pep-ier.


Pep moaned all morning. He complained that he was sore from spinning. He whined that he was hungry. I caught him falling asleep while doing push-ups in the gym.

“Sonia, I just don’t feel very elf-like today,” he groaned.

“You haven’t been in the pantry again, have you?”

“Not yet,” he replied.

“Have you been drinking enough water? Sometimes we can mistake hunger for thirst, especially if we are not drinking enough water.”

Indeed, Pep had not been drinking water. We grabbed a water bottle and set an alarm for him to make sure he remembered to take a drink a few times a day. When he asked if he could substitute juice, I reminded him that juice has a lot of added sugar and isn’t too different than doing a shot of maple syrup.

We even tried a few ideas for making plain water tastier to the notorious elf sweet tooth. You can try my ideas for flavor infused water too!