Gym-free exercise for a busy holiday season.










Pep said that he and Santa still work out as much as possible, but that this time of year they find it hard to get out to the gym. The North Pole gym is in the barn with the reindeer and this time of year the reindeer really step up their own workouts so Pep and Santa can’t get in the gym even when they make it out there.

So Pep and I set to work doing exercises that he and Santa can do in their homes or the workshop when reindeer clog the gym. Today we focused on our legs and did step ups:

Place your left foot in the center of a step and squeeze the glutes (butt) to step up, and then drive the right knee up into the air. Carefully set the right foot back on the floor before stepping down with the left. Repeat ten times for each leg.

I reminded Pep he can always check the Get 2 the Core Fitness blog fordemonstration videos and other gym-free workout ideas.