Greens are nothing to fear!


Pep and I were discussing healthy meals that do not include added sugars. Pep noted that he enjoyed salads when he visits me each holiday season.

“You know, elves naturally avoid greens because. . . well because they remind us of the Grinch. They stink.”

“Pep! Greens are nothing to fear! And you don’t just have to enjoy them in salads. You can add spinach/kale/chard/collards to pasta dishes, omelets, even desserts! Let’s head to the kitchen and make a frittata for dinner tonight. You can choose a cheese you would like to add, but let’s add some spinach to make it even better!”

“We only have frozen spinach at the North Pole,” Pep noted.

“That is not a problem. Frozen spinach or kale works just as well, just defrost it first!”
Find my fast and flexible frittata recipe Pep and I used here, or try our spinach-walnut pesto. You can use other leafy greens, fresh, or frozen. . . the possibilities are endless and nutritious!