I use Get Clean Water Pitcher at home.  It is a 10 cup capacity water refillable filter, BPA-Free pitcher.  Each filter cleans 80 gallons which is more than 5,000 8 oz glasses of water.  That saves more than 2,400 plastic bottles from the landfills.  That is twice as much as Brita and Pur, and each filter is made from sustainable coconut shell carbon using a zero-emission process.  It is the first pitcher with a refillable carbon-block filter system, so there’s less waste going to the landfills and is the first pitcher with an automatic meter that shows gallons filtered, so you know exactly when to replace your filter- no more guessing!  You can check out the Get Clean Water at www.shaklee.com  and if you are interested in safe, clean water for you and your family and helping out with the landfills, contact Sonia.