Watching elite athletes pour their hearts onto the ice or ski slopes in their pursuit of Olympic gold is inspiring.  Whatever our own level of fitness, we can channel our inner Olympian in more ways than we might imagine.

Olympic athletes, like any of us, focus on working towards an achievable goal, and they adapt and adjust as they encounter injuries and other life obstacles. In order to reach their fitness goals of speed, strength, and endurance, they shape their lifestyle to support those goals. They fuel themselves with a balanced, healthy diet. They train their minds to focus on positive thoughts and resilience. Olympic athletes visualize themselves speeding, reaching across that finish line to win. They visualize each step in their run or performance so that in the final race their bodies follow where their minds have been so many times before.

This is the same for all of us in our fitness journey. To simply have a goal of running a 5K or losing ten pounds is not enough without placing it in the context of creating a lifestyle of health in mind, body, and spirit. How much time will you dedicate to cross training or prepping your meals?  Visualize your success, whether it’s envisioning your sprint across the finish line, sweaty cardio workout, or eating a healthy, wholesome meal. Like any athlete, make sure you are hydrated and drink the amount of water you need. Visualize yourself looking thinner, stronger- whatever your goal may be, visualize yourself doing it. Live it, breathe it,  Believe it just like the Olympians do!

!I can help you identify your goals and ways to support your goals through diet, exercise, and mindfulness. Together we can identify barriers that are holding you back, which of those barriers we can work to overcome, and which barriers we need to work around.

This winter as you work towards your fitness goals, channel your inner Olympic athlete and visualize your success on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.
Go For Your Gold