January is a time for resolutions. Too often these goals are grandiose and vague- “This is the year I will lose weight and get fit!”. These types of resolutions keep stuck in a cycle to of feeling bad when we cannot achieve what we did not properly define.
This year, set SMART goals instead:
Specific: Set a clear goal.
“This year I will lose 20 pounds,” or “This year I will run a marathon.”
Measurable: Track your progress with a variable you can measure, such as minutes. 
“I will measure my weight once a week,” or “I will measure how long I run every week.”
Attainable: Be honest with what you can achieve with the resources you have.
“Hmm. 20 pounds may be too much to lose given my schedule in the next few months. I will aim for 10,” or “I have never run before, so I should aim to run a 5K before a marathon.”
Relevant: Make sure the goal is truly important to you.
“My health care provider said my blood sugars will improve if I lose weight,” or “I want to run to enjoy nature while I improve my endurance.”
Time-limited: Set a defined time-frame to reach your goal.
“I will lose 10 pounds over six months,” or “I will run 1 extra minute each week to run a 5K on May 23”.
Set a smart goal and record your progress in a notebook or spreadsheet. Need inspiration? I can work with you to set your healthy lifestyle goals and help you find tools to track your progress!

New Year, Smart Resolutions