Broaden the definition of health.

Clients often choose to work with a personal trainer to gain physical strength or improve their fitness and overall health. But what is health?

Health is far more than the absence of illness or injury. Health includes wellness, or a deeper, personal sense of meaning and quality in life.
Wellness includes several interconnected areas:

Emotional health: the ability to express our emotions in healthy ways
Intellectual health: the ability to use our intellect to make healthy decisions
Social health: the ability to have healthy interpersonal relationships
Environmental health: how our physical environment impacts our well-being
Physical health: the ability to be active the best of our individual physical capabilities
Spiritual health: the ability to seek meaning and purpose in life

Each of these domains overlap and impact the others. For example, if we struggle with our ability to express emotions in healthy ways, we may seek comfort in foods that provide empty calories, causing unwanted weight gain in spite of sweaty efforts in the gym. The dark, cold days of our winter environment may significantly impact our mood or lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); this can impact our physical health with fatigue and the physical consequences of depression. These interconnected areas of wellness all impact our quality of life.

In this season of reflection, take time to assess your health in ways you may not have considered. Are there areas in which you would like to improve? As a personal trainer and certified wellness coach, I can help you address your whole health needs.

Health and Wellness