My clients often talk about not having time for breakfast in the morning—but skipping breakfast should never be the answer. Whether you are at work or at home, it is easy to find ways to create a quick and nutritious breakfast. I’m sure you have heard horror stories about the person who microwaved an egg in the attempt to hard boil it, and that is certainly not what I recommend! You CAN; however, scramble up a quick and easy nutritious breakfast using eggs, veggies and cheese that will stick with you through lunchtime.

A Quick Nutritious Breakfast in Less than Two Minutes
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One thought on “A Quick Nutritious Breakfast in Less than Two Minutes

  • Sonia–Just wanted to let you know you were an answer to prayer this morning. I am doing an online bible study called Made To Crave. Today’s topic talked about our biggest challenges. One of mine was finding time to eat a healthy breakfast. I start my day so early that I hate to eat a big breakfast but I am hungry for something.

    Right after stating that challenge, your blog post popped up.

    Thanks for the great info!

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