Thanksgiving DinnerPostprandial lipemia…huh? Hang with me while I try and explain it. It’s the triglycerides (blood fat) response to a meal. So, depending on how much fat or sugar is consumed in a meal, a person’s triglycerides will rise for 2-6 hours after a meal. These can rise anywhere from 120 to 300+ mg/dl and even higher for those who have diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, or type 2 diabetes. If the triglycerides are elevated above 250-300 mg/dl, there is diminished blood flow into the heart, a lowering of good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol), and it can cause the start of blockage in the blood vessels.

Running off that turkey dinnerBut don’t worry……studies done by researchers like J.Q. Zhang, D. Malkova, and J. Gill, have proven that exercise anywhere from 1-12 hours BEFORE a fat-rich meal will reduce postprandial lipemia by 25 to 40%. YES, any aerobic activity done for at least 45 minutes is proven to decrease triglycerides immediately after a session and remain lower for up to 48 hours after the activity.

So, what does that mean for you and me? With Thanksgiving almost here and so many enjoying a lot of food, there is no need to feel guilty for all the eating and feeling like a stuffed turkey. Just plan on starting your day off with a Turkey Trot race, which will also help benefit others not so fortunate. If you can’t get out to a Turkey Trot, get a backyard football game going, or just get out there and walk briskly for at least 45 minutes. Your body will thank you in more ways than one!

A great exercise to add to any workout is a jumping jack. Do a 1 minute session of jumping jacks to spike your heart rate before you do a group of strength exercises. It will help keep your heart rate elevated and continue a high-level of fat-burning. You can also add them to your walk. Walk briskly for five minutes, do jumping jacks for one minute and return to walking. Repeat this cycle throughout your walk.

Jumping Jack Start Jumping Jack Form

The Triglycerides (blood fat) Response to Your Meal
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