Holiday Buffet SpreadWith Halloween being the kick-off to the “holiday eating season,” you are likely to be invited to at least one gathering or party between Halloween and New Years. Parties that are filled with all kinds of food and drinks full of sugars and carbohydrates.  But don’t go into panic mode just yet! There are some simple ways to avoid the holiday party pot belly! Start off by educating yourself on the affects sugar can have on your body. I blogged about the impact sugar has on your body a year ago, this might be a great start to your reading!

In the meantime, here are some tips to help you survive this holiday eating season!

Plan Ahead – if you know that you tend to indulge come party time, keep your eating light throughout the day. This doesn’t mean starve yourself all day so you can gorge at the dessert table either! Think about what you might be eating later and balance the rest of your day’s eating around the party food.

Eat Before You Leave – If you know that you can’t control yourself around the party buffet, eat a practical meal before you leave the house. This will still allow you to visit with and enjoy the company of your friends without the temptation of foods packed with extra sugar and carbs.

Bring a Healthy Dish – Don’t be afraid to be the guest who brings a healthy option! A simple veggie tray or salad is always a welcome addition to a party buffet. If you want something with a little more pizzazz, check out my recipe index for some yummy ideas that won’t pack on the pounds!

Put in Gym Time – One of the best ways to burn off those calories is by stepping up your gym routine. Add an extra day of cardio to help give your metabolism a boost. Consider working with a trainer to get some expert advice on ways to burn off those extra pounds in a safe and effective manor. You’ll be surprised how effective an extra mile on the treadmill is when party-time comes. You worked hard and you feel good, so why lose momentum!

Step AWAY from the Buffet – If you position yourself next to the food tables at a party, odds are, you’ll eat more. Grab a friend or family member that you haven’t seen in a while and keep the buffet table out of reach! You’ll have such a great time catching up that you won’t even miss the food!

The holidays don’t have to be all about food if you arm yourself with the right tools and information. Just remember to be aware of what you are eating.  Start reading food labels, plan ahead what you are going to eat, and make sure to put exercise in your schedule.

Survive the Holiday Eating Season
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