Get up and go.

We have all heard that too much sitting is detrimental to our health.  A large meta analysis (a type of study that is powerful because it uses strict criteria to compare multiple studies in order to see the impact on a large sample size) in 2012 found a strong correlation between sitting and poor health outcomes; the longer time people report sitting, the greater their risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Just standing can be equally detrimental to our bodies. As those who spend long hours on their feet each day can attest, prolonged standing can result in poor posture, back problems, joint problems, and circulatory problems.

So what are we to do? Move it!

If you can’t get outside at lunch to take a quick walk, get up and take a 2 minute walking lap around the office. Plant your hands firmly on your desk, set your feet back, and do a few pushups. Try some tricep dips on your desk as well. If you have been standing all day, pause to stretch your calves or do some squats. Set a timer to remind you to pause for a minute or two every hour to simply move or change your position.

You don’t need to do a 30 minute workout at work to reap large benefits of moving. Watch my video of exercises you can do anywhere. Pick a few, and scatter them throughout your day. Try some forward lunges while you are waiting for the copy machine. Remember to tighten your TVA as you stand throughout the day.

You’ve Got To Move It, Move It!