Pep the elf returns to Get 2 the Core!

One of my favorite things each holiday season is a visit from Pep, the Christmas Elf.  Two years ago Pep joined Get 2 the Core Fitness in an effort to get off his shelf and get moving for a healthier lifestyle. Last year Pep brought Santa with him and together we helped Santa improve his diet and physical fitness.

This year, Pep crawled into the gym feeling shaky and exhausted, very unusual for an elf.  He said he heard I am now a certified health and wellness coach, and that he needs my help.

Pep explained that he has been under a lot of stress to increase toy production. As he spoke, he paused frequently to pop M&Ms in his mouth. I asked if he would like some pecans instead and he glared at me (also highly unusual for an elf) and growled as I reached for his bag of candy.

I asked Pep more about his diet and he revealed that he is eating 3 one-pound bags of M&Ms a day. If he cannot find M&Ms, he just does shots of maple syrup.

“Help me, coach!” Pep cried as his tears smeared chocolate across his cheeks.

I know Pep can do it. Join me this holiday season as I work to help Pep break his sugar habit and improve his sense of well-being so that he can get back to feeling great as Santa’s right-hand elf!

Day 1 – Jogging

Day 2 – The Elf Sweet Tooth

Day 3 – Pause. . . and Think.

Day 4 – Don’t Forget Water

Day 5 – Step Ups

Day 6 – Stress Relief

Day 7 – Forward Lunges

Day 8 – Time for Reflection

Day 9 – Namaste

Day 10 – Dips

Day 11 – Journal It

Day 12 – Greens are Good

Day 13 – Pep Planks

Day 14 – Zzzzzzzz

Day 15 – Supermans (Supermen?)

Day 16 – Aaaaahhhhh

Day 17 – Elf Fuel

Day 18 – Kettlebell Swings

Day 19 – Not So Naughty List

Day 20 – Buddy System

Day 21 – Push-Ups

Day 22 – Lateral Jumps

Day 23 – Mountain Climbs

Merry Christmas! And a New Year filled with health and happiness.